Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whatever your Swag, Whatever your Style, Whatever your Size #We've got it

Hello tena Trudy's fans and followers!

Wapenzi, nafikiri kila mmoja wenu akisoma kuhusu Trudy's Intimate Apparel store, ataona tumesema we offer high quality affordable lingerie ranging from naughty, sexy, provocative and playful panties, bras, nightwear, swimwear and beachwear for women of all ages, sizes and curves!!!!  Yes all sizes and curves!!!!

So kama ni shabiki wetu and you keep visiting our platform you will have noticed that we've been posting pictures of very beautiful Tanzanian models. Please Usiondoke thinking....we don't cater for women of all sizes and curves. Leo I'm going to assure you that we do stock  chupi, bra, night dresses  za size na maumbo tofauti .

My dear, in this day and age under wears essentially evolved from a point of modesty to a need for hygiene to a means of expressing sexuality. Kama ulikua hujui, now you know!!! Today we can find a diverse array of underwear that cater to all different shapes, sizes and needs. Kama unabisha angalia how a woman blessed with curves can look dazzling sexy and confident with her body akivaaa the right stuff.

Baadhi yetu tumekariri ili tupendeze lazima uvae seti, not quite  true, you can rock chupi na bra tofauti na bado ukapendeza. !!Feeling sexy, brings out the confidence in you/Kujisikia sexy kunakufanya ujiamini shoga!!!

Siku moja moja my dear readers, show your partner just how sexy you are with a little ride on the animal print side. You vixen, you!!!!

Usiogope kujaribu, play with colours!! Kama unavo mechisha gauni na viatu na pochi na unapigilia accessories....hata nguo za ndani don't be afraid na kujaribu mitindo tofauti ya nguo za ndani....unapopendeza utajisikia vizuri  na mpenzi wako pia!!!

Our dear fans, followers and supporters kama kawaida ya Trudy's....kila bra/sidiria and panties you see in these picture zinapatikana dukani kwetu Mwenge nyuma ya Jengo la Jamirex/Azania Bank na kabla tu hujafika Tamal hotel and our contacts are: 0653 005544. Karibuniiiiii

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